Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Best Torque Wrench?

A Torque Wrench is a very important part of a tool box arsenal. There are a lot of tool manufacturer's that sell torque wrenches, but only about five companies consistently appear in the top selling list on Amazon and make the best torque wrench.

They are (in no particular order):


Best Torque Wrench for You

Neiko is a good choice if you don't have a big budget. Gorilla and Mountain are both good products and their prices aren't bad. GearWrench is top of the line they have the best torque wrench; they make very high quality torque wrenches and their prices reflect that.

There are four major types of torque wrench: beam type, deflecting beam, click type, and no-hub wrench. Below is a short definition of each type and you can buy any of them on amazon.

Click Type
The most popular type of click type wrench is the ball detent and a spring. In this type of wrench the pressure is applied by the ball until a determined torque is reached. When this limit is hit the ball clicks out of the socket, hence the name click type. There are many different design types of click type wrenches.

Beam Type
The beam type torque wrench consists of a long lever between a handle and head. It is composed of flexible material and bends when torque is applied. There is a smaller bar with an indicator connected to the back part of the head. The smaller bar does not endure any strain and stays straight. A calibrated scale is also fitted to the handle. The scale moves under the indicator when the main lever is bent. This is a very accurate and steady tool. It is easy to use and not expensive.

Deflecting Beam
Also known as the dual-signal deflecting beam. This torque wrench operates by applying pressure to a deflecting beam instead of acoil spring. This wrench has a long shelf life and is much safer, you can apply the maximum load pressure over the wrench. You can get full control over this wrench and hear dual-signal sound when it hits the specific torque level.

No-hub Wrench
The No-hub wrench is a special kind of a torque wrench. It is used for soil pipe couplings by the plumbers to tighten up clamp bands. “No – hub” wrench is a T-handled wrench that has a one way combination clutch and ratchet. The shaft of this wrench comes with a folding handle which is used to loosen clamps. This wrench is probably the least commonly used torque wrench.